Natural Language Learning

An innovative, science-based system that takes language learning to the next level.

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With the Natural Language Learning system, you can understand and speak any foreign language well in 3 months.

What is Natural Language Learning?


NLL is a new language acquisition system, developed in the Innovation Center of the University of Deusto. Unlike traditional language teaching, based on lessons and grammar, NLL focuses on developing practical skills using comprehensible and interesting input, habit building and speaking exercises designed to improve the learner’s confidence, pronunciation and fluency.


Language learning methodology that brings real results in reasonable time. You will be learning with a personalized and tailored learning plan.

Convenience & Flexibility

Learning plans that adapt to your busy schedule, allowing you to continue improving on a daily basis, no matter your workload.

Intercultural Competence

Interesting and useful, real life content, that will not only develop your practical skills, but also get you familiarized with the culture and customs.

Simple & Easy to Follow

Clear path to fluency, with steps that are easy to follow. Once we have developed the right language learning habits, you will always continue improving.

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Meet your Coach

Mikel Telleria Mujika

Mikel is a language coach and consultant from Donostia-San Sebastian, in the Basque Country, Spain. He is a polyglot who speaks multiple languages, including Basque, Spanish, French, English, German, Romanian and Russian. After living and working in several countries, Mikel developed the Natural Language Learning system in the Innovation Center of the University of Deusto.

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Developed at the University of Deusto, San Sebastián.

Member of HYPIA, the International Association
of Hyperpolyglots.

Individual and Group Coaching

Want to take the foreign language skills of your employees to the next level? We can help you do it quickly and efficiently.

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What People Are Saying

NLL is bringing success to you and your business!

“After years of wasting time with language learning Apps, I finally got around to learning Spanish. The Natural Language Learning method made it possible, despite my busy schedule.”

Johannes Mahler

Peak Performance Coach at ThriveX

“I spent over a year trying to learn Spanish using apps, tutors and many online resources – and I still wasn’t able to talk. Mikel introduced to me a completely different approach of a natural language learning where, in fact, I didn’t have to learn anything or spend much time on it. Within just a couple of months I saw incredible results and was finally able to have a conversation and communicate. All of it without eating away much of the time from my busy schedule.”
Andrei Kasyanau

CEO at Glorium Technologies

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